Recording Studio

Equipped with state of the art equipment and technology, the FLYZONE offers commercial grade quality in a comfortable environment. Artist prefer the FLYZONE over neighboring studios for the experience, and product quality.


Photo / Video

You can rent our Visual Lounge for your photography or video needs. Rental includes:

16x19x10 Cyc Wall

2x 27" Studio Softbox Reflectors

2x 33" White Umbrella Reflectors

6x9 Muslin Green Backdrop

We also have a team of photographers and video directors for models, music videos, events, and more. Please call or email for visual production services.


FLYZONE Marketing is a team of educated, and talented individuals who specialize in creating marketing strategies,  to increase brand awareness and targeted sales. With expertise in digital and experiential marketing, we develop and execute both traditional and unique marketing practices.  

Event Technology

FLYZONE Event Tech offers a variety of audio visual solutions to transform your event space. Our inventory consist of DJ Equipment, Wireless mic, projectors, large screen TV's, Red Carpet, Drape Lighting, and of course stages.